Monday, April 8, 2013

Rip @ Case

Got the party started at 6:30am, man it felt good out there, weather was just right and a good day to be riding. Got rolling on blue and forgot just how rocky it was without suspension. It was nice being back at my old local spot, I picked each trail and made a nice yummy loop. Sun was behind some clouds but came out after an hour and was a great sight, made me warm and fuzzy. I found a funky new trail I guess you could call it free ride, one good feature the rest was funky. I miss case, as wide and braided it is sometimes, there are still some great trails and fun descents. Just under two hours of pedaling and 13 miles which is double what I can get at Hale I was still ready for more, but had to get home and help out with the boy.

1st 2013 rip @ Case

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