Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Spring is here and rides are getting better by the day. I hate to say it but it's kind of a good thing when we have a harsh winter and it destroys riding cause it always makes it that much sweeter when things clear up and ride locations feel renewed. The Tanuki feels mighty good, I love both aspects of rigid SS vs full suspension, but there is nothing like tearing down a descent launching off anything you can find! Even if you land on dog dodoo from a lazy pet owner. Sucked smelling that the whole ride. I met up with my good riding homie Colin at 7pm at Crandalls park, we got cranking and things were nice and toasty. Legs are on their third day and feel as good as any other ride, I noticed my fitness is really good right now, I am sure someone could crush it on me but I am happy where it is at, I find myself hammering on the Tanuki it seems to just go smooth and fast. I love that bike, all I hear riding is crunching of dirt and leaves, its so new and soft I hope I can keep it this way since I don't plan to buy another full suspension for a few years. If I put as much miles on my beater bikes I can hopefully use the new ones sparingly which might be the opposite thing to do but I don't know, I always had this problem with shoes, shirts etc.... wow off topic, good ride today, Colin is good company, we did just under two hours of riding. The sun came out and it was so nice out! I am going to try to keep riding as I can with my wifes school schedule, so far rides are plentiful despite being stay at home dad and working from home. Life is good!

Loop winner crandalls

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