Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rid of the rusty wench

Looks like Raleigh is back in working order, a ride Monday morning is in plans so hopefully it will ride as expected. I am pretty excited to have raised the front end up just a little with the new fork, the bike has always felt a little funny with a long reach so hopefully this cheers me up with a more comfortable riding position. Finally my bike is less of an eye soar now that that old fork is gone. Also I guess this should raise the bottom bracket a little which isw welcomed as well since pedal strikes are excessive on this bike. Really got to get some new pedals for my bikes soon, I hope to get forte converts on all my bikes one day, lightweight skinny sticky pedals at $65 a piece they rival $100 pedals. Hmmm Case mountain, Hale, Crandalls.......where to go

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