Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Misty Morning Enjoyment

5:30 eyes pop open, looks like I beat my 5:40 alarm clock. Roll out and relax until my 6am go time. My lady has to be at school by 9:30 so I have to be back to the house by 8. That's two hours to shred, I stepped outside and the weather was a little foggy and dreary but I was hoping it would burn out quick when the sun comes up. By the time I hit Al's trail things shaped up a little and sign of a glowing sun appeared on the horizon. I love watching the sun come up on a ride, helps the mind realize every day is a gift. Back on the tanuki things were rolling good and I was set on a route to do exactly what I did the day before but in reverse. It took all the guess work out of choices and plus it's a good route. Two hours of solid moderate pace riding with gears and I filled my riding glass full for the day. This Monday Tuesday riding habit is fantastic so far, works for the family, works for me! See what the fiture has in store weather is shifty the rest of the week. Feels good to be back riding on the regular, I can't wait until I am an old bag when it is all I will ever be doing!

Replicated reverse

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