Monday, April 15, 2013

Farewell Rusty Wench

Got my bike all locked and loaded for Monday morning ride at Case, got to the pond lot a little before 7 and as I put the front wheel in I spotted a massive crack in the fork. I was pretty happy I noticed it before I got riding and it crumpled on my face. I went out last night just for 20 minutes to clear a log and maybe that's when it happened I don't know. I drove back home and decided to ride Hale to save a trip, I hopped on the Tanuki and rode for it's first ride of the season! It definitely felt funky at first with little wheels and suspension but after 30 minutes I got back into the swing of things. I was feeling pretty lame about riding, my heart was not in the right place so I rode as much of non hilly hale I could and it worked out great as my spirits lifted. Back was killing me by the end of the ride, it's a larger frame than I would typically ride which feels good and normal to me but maybe that is where this back ache came from. Pumped getting out there to ride, plan to do the same thing tomorrow morning. How convenient I bought a fork just last week for this summers new bike build. I dropped off the new fork at EMS since I need my SS up and running. I wanted to do this repair myself, but as usual I have no bike tools to pull the race off the fork, insert star nut, cut steerer tube to length so screw it let them charge me at the bike shop. Looks like it is farewell to the rusty wench fork.........

Good mix

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