Saturday, April 13, 2013

Non ride related

Got my very first part for my upcoming belltown build, a nothing too fancy salsa cro moto grande fork, I did some research and this one fell in my price category so I pulled the trigger. I was looking at carbon forks and I just am not worried about weight enough to buy one and cost is an issue so maybe down the road when I come across a cheap used carbon fork I might take the plunge but for now steel is reel! Felt good buying the very first part, I have only a few parts I have to buy such as crank ring, cog, and pedals. The rest will be ordered through by Bob the frame builder. I plan to finally purchase a good set of wheels for a bike, Stans Arch wheelset! I hope I can feel the difference in performance from my stock wheelsets on my current rides. I got three bike rides in this week, pretty pumped about that. Was tinkering with the Raleigh and found the rear cog locking nut loose, that explains a lot, I straightened out the chain line and things should be smoother now, and finally it is time to buy a new chain ring since it is mighty worn. I still have a strange problem with the frame/fork for some reason both dropouts are widening, it makes it a real bugger to tighten the skewers since the hub axles don't fit snug in the dropouts.......It also skews the wheel off to one side as you can see. I have no idea how this has happened but it has drove me nuts the last two years. I tried my 26er rear wheel and it does not fit snug in the dropout either. Wheels and skewers work but it just seems silly every time I remove a wheel which is often! Ride on playasssssss

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