Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturdday Monin

Looks like my schedule did over load me friday but no big deal, it was on for saturday morning. I planned a first season ride at Crandalls down the road and got cranking at 7:30. Perfect morning, mid 30's which sounds cold but for me that is just about where I like it. I forgot my gloves and wondered how crappy they might feel but luckily some moderate climbs heated them up no problem. Singlespeed was the weapon of choice and rolling quite well, I got in shape really quick, climbs and endurance was easy, but having the extra power on softer spring steeps was tough work. I am at the easiest side of the spectrum with 32x21 gearing but still I find myself wanting easier climbing gear. I love this place, it is a great place to ride, only one slight complaint is that it is kind of on the small side of riding spots. It packs a good punch and trails are great, I made a 90 minute loop that was just perfect!

Crandall 5th

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