Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sun up to sun down

Tuesday morning brought another beautiful morning ride. I debated the 30 minute ride to Shenipsit forest since I would loose a little riding time with the drive but I went for it anyway. I decided to explore some of the interior of the loop of what I knew. I did pretty much the standard start and once I got to the base climb of Bald Mountain I took a dirt road heading south and it climbed a bit and got rough and had no clue what I was getting into. I caught a glimpse of a trail to my right and as soon as I turned onto it I knew it was fresh new MTB trail oh my. Good section was ridden for a mile of up and down and plenty fun. The trail popped out right on another dirt road that I have been on twice and apparently not noticed this trail existed! I headed back up that road and passed the trail I just rode and took a fork to explore some more. After some more rocky double track I caught eye on another section. Niceeeeee I found two new sections already, this section was on the short side but welcomed for sure. Trying to coordinate my loop I rode a section of known trail to me and then the section I have eyed the last two rides but not had time was about to be ridden. Another short section but worthy of tires. This was a solid ride, legs worked well luckily and I got to learn pretty much the last tid bits of the northern section. Now one day I get to put together a larger loop with Bald Mountain which is probably solid 2+ hour ride. Stoked to be riding and stoked on the weather.

Dayrlight is getting more plentiful and lately after Landon goes to bed at 7:00pm leaves some light in the day to ponde extra free time. I am usually gone biking enough as it is so I try not to leave my wife with the little bit of time we actually have alone without the boy. She would be studying for her exams through the night so I decided to head back into the woods. I got geared up and was pedaling by 6:45 at Nathan Hale in my recently fixed Kona Dawg. Turns out I was successful doing my very first housing, cable, and adjusting/installing derailleur. Wondering if the drive train was going to stay in tune I pedaled on as things shifted nice and smoothly. I was charged up and was really pedaling in fury and fun! It felt so sooo good to be riding, the trees are tremendously green and made for one heck of a background. I lvoe this time of year it is absolutely spectacular, truly inspiring. I am so thankful for the seasons but mostly spring! I put together a nice loop and was pushing darkness by the time I popped out at my house. Turns out I cranked a good 90 minutes. Whata bonus! Another double ride I can't believe it! 3 hours and 14 miles I was ready for more, I guess I will wait until Thursday to get back cracking. Be sure to click the pictures to see how nice it was out.

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EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Hartford, Connecticut

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