Sunday, March 6, 2016

Arizona Arrival

   The day had come, we drove down as a family on Sunday and by that evening we were happily arrived in a sunny warm valley of our new home. We were stuck in a hotel for the night until the moving truck arrived in the morning and then the chaos could begin. Moving is tough, throw a toddler into the mix and its dang near impossible. After a heavy day of lifting I had the truck all unloaded by 4pm and the house was a mess but we were home. Everything about the area was unfamiliar, but inside the home we were cozy and filled with boxes and a mad child. Hour by hour and day by day more got done. By Thursday I was looking for relief, I had some pent up energy to unleash and I found myself aimed for Usery Mountain area to sample the Hawes trail.
    The ride I chose to begin before the main trailhead since it was the closets trail head. The trail started off fast and smooth and laced with cactus of course. It was a hot mid day with plenty of sunscreen and sweat. They are hotter than average here right now, a 90F is pretty unwelcomed in my opinion, about as hot as I ever want to be, but not even close to how hot it will be in the next 6 months. I chugged on until I hit the network and hit the phone as I maneuvered through the webbing and cactus. I must say I was enjoy the trail, the desert was suprsingly pleasant with green and flowers and spring! The trail was rocky and a few tough ups abut I was holding it together.
    With the help of the trailforks app which I absolutely adore, I was now on the secret trail. This trail was so much awesome, tight twisty and lots of eye candy. A trail built by mountain bikers that utilized the terrain wonderfully. It was over too soon as I found myself on upper ridge but still on a sweet sweet trail. It was over pretty quick as I rode back on the sweet fast stuff I rode in on. Lots of rocks so far between South Mountain and now Usery Mountains. The new smells, plant and critter life is a great sight, very cool to be in a completely different environment, still missing my CT trails though.

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