Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cracking New Year 2016!

        A pretty good snow year kept me busy at work up at Snowbird and the valleys with snow and bikes put away snoozing in the garage. I must say I enjoy the off season, as little or long as it ends up being. That amazing feeling each time you spend time off your bike for a bit and get back on is absolutely fantastic! Although it was a short two months off I did get to ride out in Arizona as we drove down to find living accomadations. The drive is always beautiful, about the most enjoyable 10 hours of road in the west that I know of, I had my bike squished in the back of our sedan but it was in there! I adore my lady for letting me bring it, since we were without our toddler I should find free time to do a few rides. We arrived into town around 2pm and immediately looking at houses. Looking in the Gilbert area was extremely foreign, but nice. After a few hours we found the one, we then applied and were approved the next day! Phew the pressure was off and we had time to eat, relax and enjoy ourselves.
       The next morning I headed out for a 6am ride and it was off to South Mountain area. The riding there is rugged for my rigid but technical and fun! I had an ambitious loop as I hit the nearest trail head to my hotel which was only 10 minutes. I spun off with my trail forks app and a healthy loop in mind. I started on desert Classic and headed East to Beverly Canyon and then to a fun moderate trail named Javelina. This trail had a  few tough ups, most were handled but a few not so much. Being my first ride of the season I was actually feeling quite strong. The legs and lungs were solid and putting out. After a tough climb I was on the trail Mormon, another tough technical uphill trail that took my single speed down a beat and walked a bit. It mellowed at the top and I could finally spin again until I hit national. A very popular rough and rowdy trail, it was a beast to climb up but with a little walking and more climbing than I though I could handle I was up top at the trail head.
     A drop down into Corona De Loma and then up to the top and a crazy beaituful technical ride down back to Desert Classic. I was dying for a full suspension on Loma it was absolutely scrumptious even on my rigid, very steep and technical. The best trail I have ridden on South Mountain! Great beast start to the season, not looking forward to summer here in Arizona but I will live.

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