Friday, March 4, 2016

Phoenix Mountain Preserve

    Got back out for another spin this time to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. This network was plentiful with trail 100 the Christensen trail being it's highlight. It was an absolute stunning morning as daylight grew and the trails were pretty tame as I went along finding a route. Still torn wether to stay organized and look at my map frequently or just ride and see what happens. I kind of miss the freedom of just riding, modern technology has allowed me to read terrain and ratings to pick and choose my loops. Allowing me to hit the best stuff but has me frequently looking at my phone and staying organized. So I stuck to the phone for the most part and had a huge series of connectors but rode out pretty far. I went a little too far since I ended up an a very technical trail that was not rigid rated. It would be a blast on a full suspension but I was unprepared and not looking to injure myself so I walked a bit. Then headed back for a bland ride back near the parking lot and crossed the street. Hit a few healthy uphills and I was beat. I was just about out of time and headed back the way I had came.

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