Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cactus Weaving

        Drove myself out to Gold Canyon, was so anxious to get back to these fun trails. This time to hit a few trails I didn't get to last time, still not a clear route in mind but a few ideas I took a fun speedy run up Cougar and then onto Lost Goldmine. What a nice combo, riding Goldmine in the opposite direction was quite nice. I was in a hurry as these days I am limited on time but happy to be out. I rode Lost Goldmine for awhile until I hit cactus squeeze and on wards to ride a fun one named Jodi's Dream. This time I had time to finish the full loop, turns out the first half was actually the better but I had to see for myself. I found myself running low on time and ha to make my way back. The K trail was my best option, that trail was sick! The right amount of flow and tech made for a fun ride. I can't wait to get back and ride it point to point and include the tech loop, what a fun fun fun trail! After that it was a spedy run to the car as fast as I could, that was until my rear tire locked up and skidded me to a stop. Assuming the chain was wrapped around something terrible I was shocked to find a brake pad jammed between caliper and rotor. I guess I forgot to cinch that cotter pin and out went the pads. That was a 20$ ouch but I was only 100 ft from the car so lucky me!

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