Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back to the Desert

    While loving the time spent up in Utah for the week, it was time to head home on Thursday. It was good to be back in our new home and anxious to head out on a ride as usual. I headed close as I could so I went to Usery to sample Saguaro and mix it into the others around. It was a nice day and we had clouds! not something I see much of living in the Phoenix area. I kicked it off on Hawes and then found a pleasant ride along Saguaro, a nice narrow stretch crossing the area and then a sharp climb up to the ridge and a fun twisty run around and then down. Pretty brutal on my one gear but I climbed what I needed and rode down gracefully as one with can. No turtle this time in the trail, but plenty of loose stuff to try to nick you off the bike.
      Took and other trail named upper ridge, nothing fancy just a comfortable climb to get me to Secret trail, a favorite of mine. Ran out of time shortly but got all of secret and then dashed for the car. Plenty more to explore for sure, so many trails around the area just not enough time to explore. I really hope to hit Mcdowell and Browns sometime soon.

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