Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gold in Gold Canyon!!!!

      I got that familiar twitch to stretch out my legs on Friday as I wanted to go on a Saturday morning ride I was denied, but right around noon for the kids nap time I got a go ahead and off I went excited for another explore another bunch of trails nearest to the house. It was a bit cooler this day and grabbed the Trek yet again since I have not read my suspension manuals on my new YT Capra. I had the right tool since this was a fast ripper. The lot was busy which surprised me since I felt like I was quite a ways from anything. I had my trust trailforks app and off I went, kept to the blues so I could cover ground and feel it out. It was a fast start and made my way to Gila Monster which was a fun fun ride, the desert was very green, the images can't capture it but it's absolutely beautiful somehow. I will be saying differently in a few months or even weeks but right now the temperature is nice and the scenery pleasant.
      I connected a few trails making my way into the network, I was very impressed with the quality of trails, they were twisty and fun, lots built by the mountain bike community I am sure. I made my way to the highlight trail of my ride, Jodi's Dream. This was swoopy with berms and tons of fun. I still have to ride the other half since I bailed out halfway to make my way to Lost Goldmine. Another unfamiliar trail but was a nice find. This trail was more technical but the right amount of flow and scenery to make it incredible. I was at the car at the end of the trail and was ready for more but had a great sample.

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