Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Back to Usery Mountains

I had an hour to pedal and off I went while the family took their nap. I had more trails to explore at Usery so off I went on a cooler afternoon. Still loaded up on sunscreen and ambition I took the Dawes trail to Magic Mountain and then to that oh so awesome Secret trail. It was after that loop that I looked to explore a trail named Saguaro. This trail absolutely awesome, twisting, climbing, and all the good things in a trail. It then began a heavy climb to the ridge where Twisted Sister went off to the right and a climb continued to the left. I was short on time so twisted sister will have to wait. The climb took on for a little longer and then offered up views of the valley below and an odd sight of marshes and lush growth along the Salt River. The trail was a crazy fun descent. I stumbled upon a turtle int he middle of the trail that had me go over the bars and fortunately no cactus around! I had never expected to find a turtle up here, pretty cool sight as I snapped a few pics and on my way. Connected Granite to Ridge trail and I was at the car after another fantastic ride!

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