Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Timponogos Dead Leg

      Fired up to get out on a  quick spin before weather rolled in. I agreed to only ride for an hour which I was perfectly fine with. Trying to keep drive time down I headed for Provo. Unsure of where I wanted to start I ended up at the police firing range. With help from trail forks I headed for a trail named shooting gallery that was very good, very pretty narrow single track that swooped and switchbacked as the hillside is a tough climb. Every ride in this area really lets you know these trails are climbers. Great views and a slow grind each corner was inviting with views and awesome. As I climbed higher it met with Ireland. Took a wrong turn  but eventually ended up where I wanted to be heading for Lament.
    Hit a little snow  on the way, but so thankful we are this far into spring and thanks to a crappy winter I guess. A fun romp down Lament and a breeze down Dry Canyon. This was a fun run and finished it heading downhill on Shoreline trail. What a perfect 1 hour loop, really happy I put this one together. Still more to explore out there on this route thats not mapped thats for sure.


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