Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5.10 Impact Low

My wonderful wife bought these for my birthday two years ago, best investment she made for me. They are super sticky and very very solid and hands down best solid shoe you can buy. I guess on the heavy side but it makes up for it with such a solid sole for the rare flat pedaler that I am. I have somehow managed to find their weakness every year which is where the sole meets the toe and i am guessing it is from all the pressure of my toes on the down strokes of the crank. So Five Ten has a 1 year warranty that continues to bite them in the butt since I manage to go thru a pair in 10-11 months which has paid for itself a few times now. I am now on my third pair and am wondering if one of these times they are going to not warranty wince I am becoming a frequent problem. In the mean time I have spent three years on these monsters and have nothing but good things to day! So stoked

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