Monday, August 5, 2013

Salmon River Exploring

So I have been to Salmon River area a few times and always had a great ride, I had recently sniped a different trail in the interwebs so I was off in search of making a new loop. Funny thing, the builder for my new frame has actually built some of these trails and the beginning portion took me down his yard.
Then once off his property things narrowed out and I was on some pretty good trail. Never being here before and no route to follow I was just finding as much single track as I could.
I ended up with a few trail options and made the best choices I could, some lead me to roads which was actually the best kind of wrong way you can take since you just head back the way you came. I took a variety of trails that lead me to a steep loose double track down to the rail trail. From there I spotted a orange blazed trail across the rail trail, so I had to choose to ride the rail trail to the trails I know or explore more, so I took orange of course. Which ultimately lead me to mapping out that section of trails which would be worth it if you just stay on orange and do a loop without following ATV track everywhere.
With most the exploring out of the way it was a quick pedal to the section I was familiar with. I rode up some stuff I usually use as my downhill route and was pleased to find it pretty comfy on the SS. More trail options and pretty sure of stuff I have taken but too many options and I ended up traversing over to my standard uphill route which turned out to be a awesome ride. Pretty stoked to get out of there right at my two hour time limit with plenty leg to spare. I am looking forward to getting back there and that could be Saturday since there is big news! My frame builder is back from his vacation and wants to get the frame started this weekend which means this thing can finally get cracking! LuAnn thinks I will ditch Rigid and SS when we move back to Utah but I keep telling her I think she could be wrong. Plus in worst case scenario I could always fork it and gear it.

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