Sunday, August 25, 2013

Salmon Goods

I set off on a mission for new trail after my meeting with Bob, I was going to add two or more new sections to what I was already familiar with. It's funny how long it takes to get familiar with a new place when your scouting it all on your on trip after trip. I can get a solid loop in but you know you always want to find new and better trails. I cruised on quick with the trails I had down pretty good and found myself low on energy and leg power, must have been from Thursday night's power ride and the two pieces of toast I had for breakfast. I found that I can ride on basically an empty stomach without a problem, it's usually after the ride when my body needs nourishing, stupid I know. Onwards with the ride, it was a nice August day and I had two hours to shred. I found myself done with a section and cruising down the rail trail to the next section. I got onto Pines trail and then rode across the river and took a wrong turn but not a big back track and then it was up to the rail trail. This was a pretty short section but new to me. I have ridden Pines before but not this section of it. I use strava map to locate my next stretch of trail and it worked out perfectly. Since I took my intended route I was climbing up Nemba switchbacks. Took a right and then found myself at a confusing fork and I went left since I hoped it would be an uphill route since climbing from the rail trail up sucks and I did not want to loose any elevation. Holy crap was that a good decision, I found what I believe is my favorite trail section, nice and smooth and twisty in a unique forest section. It lasted much longer than I expected which was great, soon I had more choices to make and unsure of exactly what was what, but they went uphill into the main network which became familiar. I still have more to explore but each time I get closer to the filling in the gaps in my head. Really great ride I can't wait to get back. Salmons goods at EveryTrail
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