Sunday, August 18, 2013

Post Highland

I was itching to get back out riding after Thursday and found some time to ride on Saturday thankfully. I have been wanting to ride more than ever lately, probably because I know LuAnn goes back to school this week and she will be slammed with schoolwork and that in combo with loosing daylight and me in complete care of Landon means she will hear no end to me trying to get out on a ride this semester. I put the boy to sleep and said I was riding Hale and for her to message me when he wakes. I quickly ran out the door and hit trail and did Al's loop and was feeling mighty high on Nathan Hale which has been dormant in my heart lately. I love riding in the woods, I love the way the sunlight hits the leaves on the trees, I love the smell of the forest, there is just something about that damn bike and making the wheels turn that most don't understand but I clearly have a deep passion for it. It was a pretty therapeutic ride as I made speedy time through Al's. Then I crossed the road and made a good set of trails for a solid loop. I could have rode for hours but I made the right call when I aimed it for the 90 minute mark since I almost missed my wife departing with Landon to go on a walk. Luckily they allowed me to join in my nasty stinky bike clothes for what was a sweet way to end the day. I can;t wait to ride again, isn't that quite obvious, I really hope it will be tomorrow. I must apologize for lack of editing my posts, I really just blur them out and realize I need to go back through it after I type, so sorry if that annoys. No pics so Landon will have to bring some fun into the post. He is going so fast, he is such a joy in our life and he teaches me so much every day. Enjoy your week and happy riding, don't forget to stop and smell the roses, they're mighty fine.


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