Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday Night Fights

I am not sure why but I felt ready and willing for a Thursday night social/fast ride. I got on a good 30 minute pre ride which I always prefer and was enjoying myself so much I did not join. Quite a few riders turned up and probably 10 or so headed into the woods. Shortly we were on trials which was going to set the mood for the ride, tough slick n nasty. We got light rain a few hours before so things were ICY! Combo with balding tires and one gear it was a crap show for me all night but I just kept trucking on in my own shame. The ride was fast, I was not in the tail end but found myself guessing where the rider in front of me went so I could not let down the others behind me. Holy crap did I say things were slick, my goodness I felt like I was learning how to ride a bike all over again. The humidity was really bad too which was not helping the cause but none the less it was a fantastic night to be out on the bike. We rode Bi Polar and then a brutal trail named Scoliosis which is the toughest trail in the place that always breaks hearts. Sure enough we finally started moving good and then it was onto 40 bumps, another tough section for me and many others. I had to stop hard while on a rock and found myself hard on the front brake and handlebars turned slightly and felt my wheel bend in anger. It had a huge hop after that incident and don't know if it's toast yet. The crew was now split into three groups by now and I found myself in the middle with another rider in front of me, was kind of nice to have company I could keep up with. With the group split we voted to add a little more to the ride so we found ourselves on wiggle with Colin close behind. It was getting pretty dark and I had not found my light mount before the ride but it was just bearable. It was nice when we popped out at the cars I was spent and took a good whooping and with darkness set in I had to cancel a evening swim in the lake. Good solid ride, with LuAnn back to school and daylight riding coming to an end soon I will be riding with these guys from her on out probably and hope to be able to push myself a little faster so I don't get left in the dark. Good stuff Hale of a beating at EveryTrail
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