Friday, August 9, 2013

Crandalls Perfecto

So I was hoping to ride Tuesday but with my LuAnn and Landon having bad colds I was grounded until Wednesday when I snuck out on a selfish ride. I wish I could ride more these days before LuAnn goes back to school in a few weeks but it's just not that easy, and sadly will become far worse when the semester starts. But that's how life goes right, I just look forward to the future when I can ride my face off. Ok enough moping, my life is good, I got out to Crandalls and had a mighty fin ride! The sun was out and it was still lacking humidity so I loved it! I brought Bentley along since it's a low vegetated area and we need to work more on ripping him into shape for riding since he's been so slow lately. We were off just the two of us, and I made a loop in my head to do things differently and it worked out beautifully. The trail was in perfect condition just slightly moist so no soft spots or dusty bunnies. I felt great riding, I could or rode for another hour or two but I was anxious to get home and help with duties, yeah I said it Duuuuuuties. Bentley fared pretty well, he took every shortcut he could find on the trail, sometimes he would disappear and 30-60 seconds later I would find him waiting on the trail ahead of, smart fella. I don't think he will ever be the 1-2 year old that chased me around Utah but he is still game to join me. I meet with Bob tomorrow to go over final details on my new frame, there are no special bells and whistles here, not even bottle cage mounts, I look so forward to getting her all done and built up. I guess by the end of the month or beginning of next it can be done I have no idea. After our meeting in the morning I am going top ride the trails right near his house.
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