Thursday, August 22, 2013

Family ride no. 2

We pulled of an evening ride before Landon's bed time, he has begun teething so he can be a handful while he is not napping so we tend to have activities to get us through 3-7pm. This ride was great, we started in a different spot which provided much smoother terrain for the boy and after 4 miles we turned around made a good 8 mile ride. Landon did great as he always does and it was a great being outside and enjoying the last greenery of summer. I have noticed going in the woods the last few days that the forest has changed, it has already begun the dreary death of fall. No problem, once Christmas is over LuAnn will be done with school and rides should get plentiful again. Then we move and start life all over again. Not crazy about another nasty winter but anxious for next summer so bring it on.

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