Friday, August 2, 2013

Wednesday Ride

Got ready to get back cracking at it so I set off for Mesh on Wednesday night, I guess I was heading to Salmon River but after a few wrong turns and last minute coming up with the idea of being home in time to make dinner had me on a detour to Meshomasic Forest. I had not rode Mesh in some time and almost always was with a group. It's a pretty raw untamed mix of gravel roads, double track, single track and plenty of elevation and technical. When I arrived I opened the door and began to to my shoe and a few seconds into that and a swarm of skeeters honed in on me for a feast. I shut the door, I was pretty pissed off and was so close to just calling it a win for the bug as I watched 20 of them hovering the window waiting for a meal. I reluctantly ran as fast as I could out the car door and grabbed my bike which was not fast enough but they began to back off as I got to pedal. If I could just stay fast enough maybe it won't be so bad I told myself. I took off on a good trail that I knew well. The last section was pretty grown in and I hit a few thorn bushes which sucked but has become the normal. I took the double track for some dumb reason leaving out the old jump trail that has been unfortunately dis mantled. Looking for something different I took a right off the double track and ended up in a nasty section of wild rasperry thorns that broke off in my all over my arm. So lame, I turned around since I wanted no more of that. Ok at the triangle and another idea popped into my head, go home while you can. Eager to on a ride I continued on up the gravel road where I was getting massively annoyed by the bigs since I was climbing steep grade, there must have been 50 in front of my face and behind my head, which is extremely distracting for me. From time to time one would bite me in my head through my helmet since I was covered is repellant except there. Back into the woods I hoped I could lose them, but I was wrong cause I forgot how mean the climb ahead of me was. Ok at the top and finally able to pick up speed and lose them, this was probably the most fun section as I dropped into a long ride and onto a trail unknown to me, sadly it ended at the route of the problem, two large swamps where all the skeeter activity was being bred. You can only imagine how my climb out of there was, absolutely miserable. Climbed what seemed to be forever until I hit known stuff and got moving as fast as I could so I could get to the car and call it a day. It was such a great day to ride it was too bad it was blurred out by the insects, I guess no one was forcing me to be out riding but it does not stop me from whining this entire post. Lets hope the cooler weather moves in and wipes these monsters out! Gps failed, I guess I had so many existing mapped rides on my map that it was too much to handle. If you sat through this to listen to me whine I am sorry. Here a son picture to bring it back up to fun. Landon is growing so fast before our very eyes, I love this kid.

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