Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mansfield Monday

Ok so I heard the skeeters let up and the Hollow so I set off on a ambitious loop. I had never ridden the lollipop that exists on the south side of the bridge so I added to the loop. I took off from Clover Mill rd side of schoolhouse brook, which is the closest trail head from my house. The first 5 minutes of trail was spent going around the multiple blow downs one right after the other which is getting old but no big deal. I rode out to wolf rock and then down from it and then the unfortunate but mandatory pavement ride into mansfield hollow. I rode the lollipop which turned out to be a pretty good piece of trail I have been missing. Then I rode the normal from there and was feeling pretty good. I made it up stoned hill on the SS I think for the first time without dabbing big win there I guess. Then a short ride to cross back into schoolhouse brook I was pumped to see 18.70 miles on the clock and hoped to have 20 when I reached the car, turns out I was short and had to loop around some trails and pathetically hit eventually 20 miles. I plan my next big one there to have better plan to add more trail which will be no problem. Not bad for 2.45 minutes of riding, the fastest 20 miles around I can find anyway. Milking 20 hollow to schoolhouse at EveryTrail
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