Sunday, August 11, 2013

So stoked I just can't hide it

It has begun, I met with Bob Saturday as I might have said a few times before, what a great guy as I get to know him more. I am really excited he took me on for a frame build, it is a pretty unique experience to have a local put together the blue prints and custom fabricate something special for a customer such as me. I already want to have him make me another for maybe my wife or have a back up frame for the future but for now I am stoked out my mind. It turns out we won't be using the black cat rear dropouts which is just fine since he wants to use bmx slider dropouts which will shave a few bucks. I wish I knew more about all the angles and tube diameters and butted steel and angles but I have not dug that deep into cycling to know any better. As I always say just hand it to me and I will shred it. Which fortunately has been the mindset for the build. Bob has been riding rigid and SS for long enough to know just what I need so I left it all up to him to use his knowledge on the ride. Which is luckily a relief after he spent a massive amount of time on tricky build for a previous customer. I went with resto black for the paint theme so far, it's not flat but not glossy, a healthy medium. I envisioned a stealthy black bomber of a bike if you will. I guess I should give it as name, I never named a bike but this one will be special so now is the time so start. Black fly comes to mind, but let's see what I can come up with. Should be alive in a few weeks or less as Bob finds the spare time to build. The Raleigh in the mean time still gets a beating of a lifetime. So happy to make this a reality, I keep wondering if I should of sunk the $ into a savings account for a solid 5-6in all mountain shredder but I know my heart is in Rigid SS. Thank you Bob!

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