Friday, August 2, 2013

Thursday Morning

Finally got back on a ride with Colin, I sent an invite the night before and by the time my eyes opened at 8am I looked at my phone and he was wondering if I still was riding. So 15 minutes later I was out the door for a ride at Hale. Armed with SS and Colin at the lead we were pedaling off in no time. The punisher was chosen which is a tough long narrow steep ride for well balanced riders, always a struggle on a SS but can be done. Painfully I made my way through the trail, soaked from all the work and humidity, but happy to be pretty much mosquito free! It had been a long time since I have been on a ride with him and it was nice to have a pretty equal level ride pace. After about two hours we were done and went on our ways and I was accomplished with 3 rides this week. Hale was a tough reminder of a lack of any kind of downhill run what so ever. Looking for number four today or tomorrow so let's see where I end up. Good to be haled at EveryTrail
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