Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Ride

What a great day yesterday,it was the very first ride with Landon. My wife came up with the idea Monday despite a losing battle with a migraine but was able enough to go on this heroic journey of ours. I had to get everything ready for the whole crew which entailed 3 helmets, two bike backpacks with water, two bikes, trailer, toys for the boy and a whole lot of not sure what to expect. We made it to the rail trail which is just a short journey from the house to the closest trail head. I hooked Landon's trailer up to the 29r which just barely clears the trailer and disc brakes. I was pretty nervous as we began to pedal but filled with excitement as well. The beginning was very bumpy, I made the mistake of not listening to my much smarter wife and chose not to start in the smoother section. I took it very slow until it smoothed out and then we were up to speed. It was so fun having my wife at our side as we strolled down the sandy path. Landon appeared to be in good spirits and spent most the time trying to dismantle his helmet which he shortly did. He played with the straps and had all sorts of things to explore in his new cage. He did not seem to be too curious about much else than what he could reach, he occasionally looked at us as we came into view but he seemed to be doing just fine. We got up to full speed pretty much as I got comfortable and really found it quite comfortable with the trailer. It was nice to get some fresh air and even nicer to be with my whole family enjoying ourselves. To think one day he will pedal his own bike is just crazy but exciting. We made it a good ways and turned back around and hooked Landon up to his Mom's bike so she could get a taste of the trailer. What a spectacular day and one lucky guy! No mountain bike ride for me this week yet, wife's head ache took a turn later that day so we shall see when I anxiously get back in the woods.

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