Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday Salmon Ripper

I am so dang excited! I met with Bob Saturday morning and we went over just a few odds and ends with the frame before it will be brought to life. I had his ear for over an hour and then started talking to him about the trails nearby and he graciously drew me a nice map and a route to hit. It luckily filled in two missing puzzles I had since my last ride and gave me insight I much needed. The first 45 minutes was fast and confident put still had quite a few looks at the map. I found Nebmba switchbacks, and eventually river trail which was sweet! Then it was uphill from there on still foggy to me somewhat familiar trails. I think two more trips in and I should really have things figured out. I felt great on this ride, I had been waiting to ride again since Wednesday and was all ready to enjoy a ride. It was nice riding at 9:30 with the lighting in the jungle of CT. I finished back at the car in two hours and would have loved to have rode more but like most I have only limited time to ride. I almost made a clean loop, I guess I will just have to go back for more :) 2nd salmon w new at EveryTrail
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