Monday, September 23, 2013

7th day of rest

Well the riding has hit a wall, things have gotten serious with LuAnn's studies so I am on ride hold until a window opens or until December. For a ride monkey like me it has already been a tough week but I know once this semester is over riding will open up big time. Yeah I am missing all the nice Fall riding weather in a way but I found a way to combat looking at my bikes, which is going on walks with my boy. Being home with a nutty teething baby all day every day by myself has been causing me to lose my sanity, so if I can't ride trail well there is no reason I can't walk them! The weather has been incredibly pleasant lately and for the next 7 days it is about as good as it is going to get. So we headed to School House Brook to investigate more trails and check other things out on foot. It is so peaceful walking through the woods with my boy on my back, he is extremely mellow when he is with me out there, not the raving lunatic running around the house. Today he dozed off for a few, we walked for a good 90 minutes and explored some new trail and also found an old DH trail with some impressive hits but in need of major love since it probably has seen no tires in 3-5 years. Later that evening I went out into my backyard, Hale is just across my street so it's always convenient and calmed the little guy down for an hour long stroll in the glowing orange sun. I look forward to more walks and plan to until the weather gets out of control, it's nice to slow things down off that bike pace and just take in the woods and take in all their beauty. I love it and while I long for my Mountain Bike I know with time rides will come.

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