Monday, September 9, 2013

First ride new whip

Saturday I spent most the morning traveling and working on finishing the new bike so by the time I was done I had to head home to help out with the boy while my wife did her homework. I was torn that I might not ride that day but I realized the boy had another nap coming up around 3pm so I knew that would give me a safe hour of riding. So I suited up and headed out on a bike that just felt so damn good! I think I know why people run fattys up front and skinnys int eh rear cause the 2.4 Ardents provided stable handlebar and clawed over rocks and the skinny 2.1 Ignitor rear put the power down in narrow speed. The best part about the bike for me was how solid it was, all parts were in tune working in a smooth fluid motion especially the drivetrain. I assume the rear hub has more engagement points and chainline is spot on so it really pedals perfect! I am so in love with this bike! I really felt a nice difference with 32x22 and cleaned a tough steep climb I have never got through so that was cool. I did not want to stop riding but I had no choice. I love this thing, I hope I never have to ride another SS again. 1st ride new bike at EveryTrail
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