Friday, September 6, 2013

Iron Legs

Well the Raleigh front wheel was in the shop getting trued out so I was back on the squishy for a Thursday night ride. I got on my normal 30 minute pre ride, the sun was shining and the air was nice and cool and I was enjoying the fresh air. The leaves are slowly gathering on the trail with the loss of sunlight and cool down. This is an extremely nice time of the year for riding, the transition between Summer and Fall. The Dawg was shifting like poop and just not working right, I think the freehub is starting to crap the bed, along with a drivetrain needing a tune despite just retrieving it from the bike shop. I met with the homies and we were riding just after 6:00, shortly into the ride the chain pops off at the link somehow with hardly any pedal action. Forgot my link so I just put it back together and caught back up to the rest of the guys. Still things were popping and ghost shifting but I was going to keep trying whenever possible finding gears that worked best and barrel adjusting. Luckily I seemed to figure things out and I could focus on hammering once again to keep up with these fast dudes. It was off to 40 bumps and then a climb up a steep tech trail that I cleaned perfectly only cause I was "AHEM" gears.... I am a proud singlespeeder for sure but there are some trails sections out of my reach so this was kind of a good feeling. Got dark from there and lights went on and groups split up, I ended up on the longest ride of the night and found the rest of the dudes in the lot doing their after ride thing. I hit home and saw 13.9 miles was rode and was pretty shocked for just over two hours of riding. I did put a beating on my legs and felt it at the end of the ride so it is good to keep pushing the body to try to keep up with fellow riders. Iron legs at EveryTrail
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