Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thirsday Night Regular

I was pretty bummed to miss another Thursday ride I though most the day, But I had got two rides in the days prior so that was a way better start than last week. As I drove home from the grocery store with the boy, I stopped at the lot where the riders were gathering and asked what trail they were riding since maybe I could join them them 30 minutes into their ride since I could get home and put him to sleep. They said another ride was running late so I could meet them in the lot at 6:30. Excitement fillled my body as I ran home and accomplished the tasks I needed and then I sped off into the trail on the way to the lot. We sat for 15 minutes or so waiting for them to arrive which was kind of a bummer since I was anxious to ride but they eventually showed up and off we went. I was feeling pretty strong riding, I was on the Belltown and feeling pretty good. On a tiny little downhill I soon found myself ejected from the bike and landing on my shoulder and hitting my head pretty hard. I got up and my neck felt a little funny, but I quickly did a shakedown and got back to riding. I was trying to replay the crash and figure out what happened since I normally do but this one happened at supersonic speed. I chalked it up being too far over the front wheel standing while on a 29r which is usually a common close call without ejection. From then on things went just fine, it was 80 minutes or so when they ended the ride and I was desperate for more trail but filled my glass. This week darkness falls earlier so let's see what happens on solo rides, I might have a partner for Monday night ride let's see.

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