Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Uvex XP CC

Let me just start off by saying I have bought quite a few helmets since my last run in with Uvex and I absolutely loved it and regret buying always what was on sale. My last visit to Utah reminded me while I was pedaling those 106 miles how dang much I liked it, it sat on my head perfect, since it was snuggly secured in the Uvex 360 degree tensioning system. It did not take long to know that I was going to retire my Kali helmet shortly after getting home and going back to Uvex. I had a bit of trouble deciding between Xenova, Ultra etc.... I ended up buying The XP CC since their newest aggressive Quatro has not been released yet. It arrived on my doorstep the following week and I was extremely excited since I had worn out pads that were leaving me with rough part of velcro rubbing on my forehead during rides. I strapped it on and nearly banged my head against the wall as I have been so stupid having not bought another Uvex sooner! The tensioning system did exactly what I expected like the Supersonic, it felt like nothing was there, also this helmet felt like it was half the weight of my Kali which was nuts! Now when I am throwing back flips I can whip my head faster. Even when i got the light mounted up it was still very light and far from awkward like on previous helmets. I am one happy guy, I guess I learned one thing from all this, you find something good you try to stick with it. I look forward to more of these in my future and I desperately needed it since the funk works it's way into my clothes and no one wants to ride behind a stinky dude. Thanks Uvex your tensioning design in superior! At the end of the day I wish it had a little more coverage on the back and sides but I never need a helmet so ppssssffftttt.

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