Tuesday, September 17, 2013

School House Brook recon

So from time to time I loop School House Brook to Mansfield Hollow which is a great fast combo and sections are well fit for good rides without having to cross the road. Also there are a few trails I have been meaning to get to know better in the south end of Brook. I did a little recon studying before the ride on Strava and Google Satellites to try to find new trail. So I set off bravely into the sunset up to Wolf Rock and found myself taking the other way around Wolf Rock and then spotted a little trail before the stream that I rode which was really cool, completely different than the blue trail just on the other side. Filled with pines and rocks it climbed out of the ravine and then I spotted a beat up trail that was blazed with green paint. Soon there was no paint at a fork and I went left and made the right choice as I finally got my bearings and ended up across the stream onto blue. I guess I was always in such a hurry I never noticed the log crossing on my left. Good to know now, I headed down blue to make a loop, as I rode Blue I have always seen two turn offs and once I finished the loop I went into the same loop again and took one of the turns, led me into a horse farm unfortunately, It's too bad because there is very good potential for more trails up by the power lines. I still wanted to explore the other trail but I knew not to push it since I still had limited time and light. On my way crossing the power lines I saw a turn off to the right, sweet this was good burned in trail and can't believe it was another trail my eyes never found. Then I got into the flat fast section I have rode once before and it then grew dark and I turned my light on. At that time it began to rain and a breeze kicked up which threw me into creeped out mode since I am a big baby when it gets dark solo in the woods. Luckily it was just a tiny bit of rain. I questioned whether I was going to handle myself in the creeper woods and was it worth it. The answer was suck it up dude, others can, so I can. It was not too dark yet as I tried to make right trail choices one after the other. I drew some question marks in my head and wanted to ride more of the unknown in between my loop but to be honest I don't think there is all that much worth it there. Back up to Wolf Rock and across the road further down to make it more of a loop, here is where it got fuzzy but I knew white so I climbed it and past the DH trail since I was on SS and not wanting that obviously. I took Oak Ridge and then onto the DH trail on the mellow part of it anyway, then I knew I could hit blue and I could make a good loop. I was pretty relived to have made it to car without being ripped apart by a man bear pig, I wanted to ride more into the North but I got a lucky 90 minutes of good ride so the earlier I got home would be just fine. I rode my Raleigh this ride to ease the Belltown and realized more that it's not half bad, it rode nice, certainly not better than my Belltown though!
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