Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Got one

Been 8 slow days without a ride, last night I sacked up and went out solo at 6:40 after I put the baby down. With no cloud cover I could get a good 45 minutes without creeping myself out too much maybe an hour. As I rode I realized it was going to be hard to pull me off the the trail due to darkness. With 30 minutes under my belt I crossed the road and decided to stay close to see how much more riding I could get in before pitch darkness. Turns out two riders were suiting up in the parking lot and I got brave and asked if I could join them which would allow me to have company and get more riding in so we could all fend off mythical creatures we might encounter. Well it was slow going since one was recovering from a broken foot injury. While waiting up 15 minutes into trail with them, two lights came down the trail and stopped at us and I realized it was Nate and Tom. Two well paced fellers I ride with on Thursday nights, this was perfect since the two I was riding with were slow moving. I felt kind of bad but they offered me to join with my Thursday night homies so I did so. From there it was a great ride, I could not believe how I struck such luck to find people to ride with. I hope I can get so lucky tonight when I go out to man up in the dark as long as I can. Love fall riding weather but the loss of light is tough with my schedule. Bout time at EveryTrail
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