Thursday, September 19, 2013

I need a new All Mountain

I got the Kona Tanuki in a box in Utah at my inlaws which is a pretty good bike but not the tool I want and need. The Tanuki will remain with me for a long time in my future but I need a new rig for moving back to Utah, I can get by with 130mm travel around here in CT but when I start descending big lines and jumps I need more bike, so my birthday is next month and $3400 is a lot of money but it would really be a great present for me, I'm just saying :) Why are mass produced bikes coming with dropper posts? Convenient I suppose but having to maintain two shocks is enough stupid dropper posts......I would sell that thing as soon as it hit my door step. I hope I can find a pro deal in the next few years as I start to save for maybe one day a 150-160mm All Mountain rig.....

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