Sunday, September 1, 2013

Saturday at Case

The weather outlook was grim Friday night, but I knew if it was not too bad I would get out and get a crack at it. So when I woke up to a foggy humid morning I held in tight and did my fatherly duties and once the boy went down for his nap I went on my way to Case. By then the fog had lifted and plenty of humid air remained in place but a dudes got to ride! I got the pedals moving and felt quickly the work I did on them Thursday night. I found the trail pretty dry and rocks not slippery so I was pumped I was going to survive without ice. I twas kind of nice being back at Case, it has been two months since my last ride and it felt good to give it that break. I am so lucky, I have 6 fantastic riding locations just 30 minutes from my door step, riding in CT is extremely good! I missed some of the new trail that skirts blue and while it is a pointless trail I still feel obligated to try to ride it. I had a route in mind but knew it was risky since Case inards still confuse me. I gave up eventually and headed up to Mountain Rd to hit that hillside of trails. I swear more trails keep popping up here and my old route I can't seem to consistently find which I feel pretty lame about with my mapping skills. No big deal because all ways lead down. Then it was around the reservoir which was something I had not done in a while as well, was nice skirting the water and being soaked in sweat had me wanting to jump in! But I was short on time and on a mission with still 40 minutes of trails ahead of me. Up Misty Mountain trail and then NUT trail and I was on the home stretch. I rode 2:02 minutes and got 14.5 miles which is fastest I have made it around Case ever, I guess my game has been stepped up this year, I can feel it on the trail and it's welcomed. My technical on the other hand had me touching down more frequent than I would like but that is SS rigid for you..... Good ride, can't wait to get out and do it again. Monday is looking tropical, they're already talking about tornadoes. Bike should be coming this week, also a very good friend of mine Brent, is coming to Boston to visit his his brother so he should be shooting south to say hello and show hims some rough N tuff CT trails. Stoked. No pics lately, I can't keep my phone in my shorts without it pulling them down and no belt loops. But losing 6-7 pounds is extremely great since I have tried all year to get it off. Ride on Not humid at EveryTrail
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