Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crandalls Tear

I was not sure Saturday was going to come together for a ride bu when it did present itself just shortly before 5 I jumped right on it and was out the door in one minute. I was anxious to get out with the temperature cool down which felt amazing. I also needed to get out to make up for my body failing me on Wednesday. I was armed with a stealth black ripper Belltown device and sped off with dirt on my tire and a smile on my grill. There is a new trail at Crandalls, I was anxious to check it out since anything new in the spaghetti network is gratefully welcomed. It was incredible out, early fall, light breeze, sun starting to go down lighting up the spaces between the trees. I was pretty happy to be out enjoying the fantastic weather on my bike, I planned on riding the new trail when I cam across it so I just rode a loop I was starting to like. I love descending red, it's a solid down hill, while a rigid is not a preferred tool for the job, I still have a blast on that sucker. Now at the bottom of the hill I headed out to knickerbocker and found the new trail on my up, stuck with the decision to climb or descent the new trail i chose to climb it since I could get a good study on the way up. As expected it was a very rough draft of a trail that had me stop a few times and try to pick it back up. It was also soft and covered in leaves and begging for a skinny rake or more tires before fall comes fully in. I was pretty impressed with the new trail, it was a solid smooth climb, a very good addition to the other great trails in the tiny location Crandalls is. With the new trail complete I now had to head out further for a pretty straight forward ride down Whale trail. I then stopped on my way to take a few pictures of my "other lover". Knickerbocker was the descent and now Crandalls can be ridden without having to double hit a trail. I was hoping the new trail could add some more time to my ride since I normally like 2 hours on a ride but I ended up at the car in 90 minutes as standard. I love Crandalls it is a good close location with 90 minutes of fantastic trail and I cannot be more happier about that. Bring on the week! Could be tough as we loose light and LuAnn has exams, I got got the Ergo carrier all ready to get out in the great outdoors with my boy if it calls for it. I do look forward to the cool weather since I have avoided walks with Landon since we overheat together. Full pull at crandalls at EveryTrail
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