Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back To The Swing Of Things

Back To work today, it was long overdue but not welcomed as I think 90% of the population would feel when they come back from any vacation. It was a nasty rainy day on the way into work but that didn't stop me from thinking about the Volcano I hiked or the river I rafted or any other aspect of the trip. We landed last night after a tough red eye direct from Santiago to JFK which was great since we did not have to get off the plane once. The airline was offering 400$ a piece for us to change our tickets once again and it was a very good offer and made me really think about staying one more day and making some more money back but I am glad we chose to get home. It was sad to see Chile go, it was great meeting all of LuAnn's family. We spent most of all of our time with them, while we spoke different languages I was still able to give them some sort of impression and them the same to me as well. They were all great and very welcoming and loved to feed our belly's. Monday we experienced a 5.2 magnitude very short earthquake, I thought a big truck was coming down the road but when things actually shook for 2-3 seconds my heart stopped for about all of that 3 seconds as well. It was pretty strange to feel the ground move underneath you for the first time, but was pleased when it came to a stop. We got to spend our last day in Santiago, it was great and was welcomed since it was all paid for by LAN. It was a trip of a lifetime and really glad we finally got LuAnn back to see her family. I biked once on this trip and wish it was much more but once is better than nothing. I missed a ride last night at Hale due to just getting home the same day. The rain is pounding outside and I really hope Saturday I can get out to ride.


  1. we also had a good time with you guys, having a welcome back to work!