Sunday, January 8, 2012


Friday nights meal was sooo good! I was looking forward to a meal like this before we left for Chile. On Saturday we had unfortunately not gotten a chance to do downhill mountain biking which sucked but is what it is. We had to pack up and be out the cabin by 12 and didn't have to get on our red eye bus until 7:45 so we had plenty of time to get in a few last item's to take home. We had some yummy lunch which consisted of Barros Lucco pretty much a steak and cheese sandwich. I was struggling very hard that afternoon since I took some benadryl to combat allergies and it really knocked me on my butt with drowsiness. Despite feeling like death I was glad to start to make the journey home because Villa Allemana is one step closer. After some walking around it was time to eat yet again and this time it would be the Chileano sandwich. After that went for one last dip in the lake, I think the lake will be the most missed of all of Pucon. Had a really good time in that town, I could not imagine coming to Chile without going there. Bus ride went smooth and I slept surprisingly pretty well. Santiago tomorrow and then sleeping in the airport until our 6am flight.

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