Friday, January 6, 2012

Simmer Down

Yesterday started with some slow moving, it was nice to not have anything really planned but renting a car in the afternoon so after some morning lounging me and LuAnn set off for the Lake. The sun was shining furiously and the ash had left the area it was clear and beautiful. I absolutely love the lake, I could spend all day there every day, it's crystal clear, and fun to swim. I was sad that after an hour or so it was time to head home to gather some stuff to hop in the rental car and head to the termas. We did so and piled into the pickup truck and headed a long ways some 90 minutes away. We were on a dirt road for over 20km which suckedin a ways cause it was bummpy but the scenery did not disappoint. We arrived at a shack where I felt we paid 30,000 pesos which I thought was too much for a hot pot of water but man was I wrong. When we began to walk into this place it closed up into a lush canyon and magnificent amounts of wood and finely laid masonry worked pools. As I made my way into the water it was very warm just like a hot tub, it was up against a rock wall that ran upwards to a lush canopy of greens and unfamiliar sights. It was absolutely breathtaking! After some time in the pool we ventured to the others. There were some 20 pools total in the place and each one unique in it's own way. There were waterfalls and the place was just so incredibly relaxing. We really enjoyed our time here, so much that we got home at 1:20 am. It makes me sad thinking not everybody in the world will get to experience this place, but take my word for it, it is out of this world!

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