Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throwing Back

Wasatch Crest-July 28th 2009-Salt Lake City Utah

Yet another amazing ride up in the Crest. This was one of my top 10 most memorable rides, probably in top 5, but anyway me and Scott put together a last minute ride that evening. We headed up after work and knew we might be fighting dark if we took too long but man were we in for a surprise. We did the commute up to the top of Parley's summit and began up infamous Puke Hill. This is when nature really began to show her glory in the warm afternoon as the sun began to make it's descent. Everything around us began to glow in tint of sunshine and was really beautiful. As we made our way to the top we began to cover some miles and off to the west of the trail lie the good old Wasatch and all her glory, I will never forget that ride as the sun slowly went down and things began to light gold and truly euphoric feelings were flowing through my body and I was one thankful dude to be riding that day. As hippy as that sounds, it truly was one amazing experience. We goofed around on the spine and took in some small talk and then set off on the ripping descent. We popped out of the woods after that amazing 45 minute downhill from the very top of the wasatch to the valley floor where when we hit the city we pedaled right to my house a mile down the road. How about that! Life was good!