Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Was A Good Day

So the weather was showing all it's greatness and it meant this fella and his pooch were going to head into the woods for a great ride. I made a yummy breakfast sandwich and was all charged and ready to ride the new bike. This was my very first ride on it and I have been looking forward to it and it felt great as I pedaled down the road and then hit trail. The suspension was extremely smooth and felt so so nice! After some trail I mounted the Go Pro to the seat post for the first time and had no idea how good the footage it was getting with Bentley behind me, little did I know how good it was! We took a big loop today and I stopped occasionally to enjoy a good feature or two. After getting to descend a few hills it felt very good, feels more like a free ride bike without all the travel. I hit the log ride back to back which was a really awesome feat for me, my log game is getting much better. Then it was off to the Mountain Goat, is was narrower than ever with my new bars I knocked the caps off repeatedly and whacked the grips but no big deal. I was having such a good time out there, conditions were amazing. We were finishing up a big loop, actually the biggest I can think of that I have done here, it is a great mix of trails that ride the perimeter of Nathan Hale forest. I loved having Bentley back on trail with me, he was the only one I had to congratulate with me after the log ride. He is such good company and I hope he enjoys his time with me as much as I do his. At the very end, I nailed another log ride I don't think I have done yet, got it on the first shot and then shortly we were out of the woods and heading home. It was a great ride after 3 hours and 12.2 miles I was spent. Love the new bike it's incredible!!!!!!

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