Monday, January 16, 2012

Trigger Has Been Pulled

Wow, so I have long wanted a bike for a long time now, while my two bikes are in good working order for the most part, I feel like the dawg might have catastrophic failure one day. The Dawg has been an extremely good bike for it's value and has been a special place in my heart for the last six years and that it why it will always remain in my arsenal until it cannot be no more. I have been seeing a certain Kona Tanuki constantly on where by the way I spend most my cell phone data usage visiting. It was 50% off and I nearly bought it more than once, but after realizing the crap winter we have been having and how I have been saving the last 6 months of commissions and random crap I sold, the money would likely vanish without using them on lift tickets so I did what I thought was best, put it towards the new bike. The bike retailed for $2,000 which in the mountain bike world isn't much of a budget compared to what I would really want but for right now it's a great buy after getting it 50% off of that price! I was going nuts in excitement saturday and LuAnn can attest to that, it feels weird, almost guilty, but it was a realistic decision that has been bugging me the last 6 months. So as weird as it sounds, in excitement I swept the basement floor and organized the bike gear to really give it a good introduction to the other bikes. I can't wait to get it in my hands!


  1. I envy your excitement! congratulations and I hope you get it soon

  2. Awesome!! Just don't hit the front brakes too hard. Can't wait to ride again. Randy

  3. oh man, I will try to be sure not to do that, these brakes should be better than anything I have used. When are you coming back to ride with me again my friend. Have you gotten on a mountain bike since then? You should you were a natural! We have been talking about a time to try to come see you guys and we hope it sooner than later. But don't forget your always welcome here! How's has it bit you yet?