Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gave Up

So I put the box in the car and then i was like wait a minute, I have to bring this box all the way back to the office so I can then bring it to the parents cause I hate boxes taking up space in the basement so I figured I would just throw the goods in the car without the box and then I looked at it and said what the heck, lets put it together. It was a pretty interesting way they shipped the bike but it worked. All I needed was an allen wrench and after searching all over the building I finally prevailed and found the size I needed for the handlebars and started putting this sucker together. It was funny how extremely careful I was with the razor blade considering I will be riding over rocks and mashing it most the time......it went together quick and easy and I sat on her and went Uhhhh Oooooooo the frame does not fit.......what the heck am I going to do.......syke it fit like a glove, hahah despite being an inch bigger of frame from my normal 17", the 18" felt amazing! It has a really nice feel to it, the head angle was more slack than I was expecting but was a good thing, felt more like my old coil air than my dawg. It felt soooo comfortable just pedaling around the buidling. The one thing that seems a little skimpy is the wheelset, but that's ok my other dawg wheelset was a cheap o and that wheelset has been great the last 6 years. Overall I am extremely happy with the bike. It has a really nice gray paint job and even came with touch up paint, what a deal. What a steal this bike was for 50% off, it was worth every penny even at full price! Still have to go through the whole bike but all is well and ready to shred. This is a great day for me!

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