Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scratch In The Night

So last night we were enjoying a nice quiet night on the couch around 11 and out of the corner of my eye I saw some critter running across the floor and a fluffy Goldendoodle chasing it down. I looked to LuAnn and her face read what you think it did. I went over to where I saw it and then it took off towards the sun room and the dog close behind. It was pretty big to be a mouse and I had my doubts and the willies knowing the task I had at hand. Got some gloves and a bucket and had no idea of a plan of attach but I found where he was and we chased each other around for a good 30 minutes before he disappeared into a barricade I made. This little critter was too big to be a mouse but not very big at that, I was unsure of what it was, it was just about as scared as I was of it and we both wanted nothing to do with each other. So reluctantly we were forced to go to bed and nervously tried to get some rest. Sure enough I could hear the little critter in the walls making a whole lot of noise, scratching and moving all around. At one point he was right behind the bed in the wall trying to scratch his way to us, from the beginning I swear he had it out for us. Sure enough after I banged on the wall a few time he grew quiet. It was now 2am and I just about fell asleep and then opened my eyes to find our little doggy watching him scurry around the floor while LuAnn began to scream in fear that it was coming for her. I got LuAnn out the room and began to try to get the little bugger but he escaped again! Ok so we move our sleeping headquarters into the living room downstairs and get two hours of sleep before I wake to Bowie leaping off the couch to chase the little jerk into the kitchen. I border off the kitchen and go about trying to get him and into the dishwasher he went. By the way, the sound of the squirrel running around on the floor is downright creepy and un nerving so I could tell after a minute he was back out and looking for a way out, I spooked him once again and back into the dish washer he went. After a few minutes I waited for him to come out and the little guy came up to my barricade and snaked right through and and ran around the living room getting chased by a scary goldendoodle and a feisty Shih Tzu! By now I had it and went after him and sure enough he escaped into the basement. I hoped by now he stayed down there and we were done with this since he probably came in from there. But no, sure enough I was on the couch probably 5am and the little dude came waltzing down the stairs like he owned the place and caused another good stir in the living room. Eventually after a chase he cornered himself in the radiator where he only had a small hiding place I came to find out. Can you believe how apparent this flying squirrel was trying to make at his escape! No matter where I was he found me and terrified me! By now LuAnn was in the bath tub with Bowie and this had to come to an end. After I heard some scurrying around the radiator I had an idea he didn't have anywhere to go. I blocked off his escape routes and put the garbage bin in his path with a nutrigrain bar and sure enough after a few minutes he went for it! I got the lid on just barely before he could jump out! I got him I felt like I was king of the world and just trapped natures fiercest beast! I threw a bag over the garbage just in case and drove him 2 miles down the road where I set him free!. Home and it's about 8am now, back to bed hopefully for some peaceful sleep!


The Release!

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