Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Awoke this morning at a normal time for once, didn't feel 100% but attacked the day in any good manner none the less. We met at the Adventure place at 11:00 and hopped in a van and got suited up at a house and then off to the rapids. The word on the street that these were some legit falls and class 4 and 5 rapids. I was a little intimidated with all the prep for a flip over and all it took to prevent one. Despite our safety we all loaded into the boat and took instructions and began paddling. The water was very very calm at first and then some very small rapids and then a pretty good size one which worked us up. Soon we hit a very large rapid that was pretty scary but not nearly as bad as I expected. Soon we came upone a really dangerous spot where we got on foot and hit a trail which lead to a jump in a pool into the river. LuAnn had never jumped from a height but she gathered the strength to do it and made me quite proud. I went last and swam to the boat and we got back on and did some more rapids. Soon we got the opportunity to float off the boat to the end and we did. The water was cold but refreshing. I was really happy with our rafting trip and celebrated it with a carne empanada. Everyone did great and I am sure I will have sore arms tomorrow. After we got back we headed to the beach for a little and got some sun which felt great! Living it up out here and love this place, tomorrow we attack that massive volcano. I used the go pro for the whole ordeal today may have a video tonight or when I get back we will see if I get the computer to read the gopro.