Friday, January 13, 2012

Throwback Ride

Been awhile since I have done one, so here it is. By the way hopefully I can get rafting trip up soon. I made the mistake of putting on the old mac laptop, I just can't seem to get it onto the new one via new hard drive or thumb stick....

The Wasatch Crest-Utah-July 23rd

Not many trails can rival the Crest trail, it sits high up top of the wasatch range over looking Salt Lake Valley to the west and Park City on the east. I have ridden this trail quite a few times and it never came close to disappoint ever! Some times it was with good friends, sometimes on memorable early mornings, and sometimes as the sun goes down. Whichever it was, it was always a very special ride to me. Especially when I climb up from mill creek canyon on a damp early morning and the sun slowly rose giving way to the wildflowers and all the yummy smells and euphoric sights this ride encounters. It can be ridden from Park City, Shuttle from the top of Parleys summit, or preferably from Mill Creek Canyon. The ride offers views of Salt Lake Valley, Park City, Brighton and Solitude ski resort as well as skirts the summits of Canyons ski resort and Park City as well. I might just shed a tear thinking about it......

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