Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sunday To Monday Awesomeness

After spending a lot of the day sleeping the new years off we made our way over to Tia Margery's for lunch and some quality time. As always we had a good meal and good company. We made it back just in time with the Bus system, we took two busses to get up to Tia and things wents smooth. It would have been smoother going back too but we had not enough change and too high of bills. So after 10 minutes of trying to figure out what to do, we found a driver that would take our 10,000 pesos which is equal to 20 US Dollars. It was a tense moment but luckily we got through it. We had 20 minutes to finish packing up yet again and off onto another bus to the bus station. Got on the bus we would be spending the next 12 hours. It was a comfortable smooth riding double decker bus but I just couldn't find the sleep. I watched Anchorman, and others but while everyone slept great I forced myself eventually and after waking up and more attempts to getting back to sleep finally the morning sky began to show and thank goodness. I felt like crap and every part of my body was killing me, but we were closer to Pucon. After a couple hours I began to see signs for Pucon and was 109 KM away finally! I began to spot the massive Volcano that sits above the town in awe. The Landscape was steep and green. The surrounding mountains are extremely steep and covered in trees and bushes. It was beautiful, and as we got closer to town the volcano really showed it's glory. It was a relief to be out of the hustle and bustle of the cities on the coast and into a little South American Moab. I was dead beat as we walked to the cabin which is located right in town. After a grocery run and some sleep we were off to plan our Rafting and Volcano trip. We the mounted up a couple bikes and were off to Ojos Del Carburgua. It was a long ride to the falls which started on pavement and then became dusty dirt road. The road began to climb against the landscape and flashes of the river were absolutely breathtaking. I was finally in my element where I had a bike, a route and some hills which made me a happy guy. Some of the climbs were very tough and LuAnn and everyone else rode very good! After probably 3 hours of riding we made it. The falls were incredible and worth every effort. Two rivers met in a pool and then rolled down river. It was quite the view, we snatched a whole bunch of pictures and I ended up jumping into a lagoon at the top of the falls which was extremely cold but felt amazing and refreshing. After a long ride back home we all were pooped but not enough to stop us from going in the lake. It was a great way to end the day, the water was crystal clear, a little cool but was very very nice. One heck of an amazing day can't wait for rafting! Pictures to come soon, have to find a camera cord.


  1. Bakan!!! thats so cool! love the pics

  2. Great pics, looks like you are having a great time!! Randy